Why You Should Invest In Your Skills


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‘Life is about creating yourself’

If you want to earn money, investing in your skills is one of the wisest decisions that you will ever make.

Here are some valid reasons why you should consider investing in yourself:


Service based businesses can be started with low costs

For most of us, starting a business with a large sum of capital may not be a viable option. But you can always consider starting a service based business instead. Marketing your skills is a low-cost option that has the potential to generate a solid income in the long run. For product based businesses, you will need to explore the market to organise adequate funding. Since you do not need to worry about organising finance, you can expect to get your skills-based business up and running in a shorter time.


Your special human skills are important

It’s important to realise that skills involve the input of your special talents and human element. Products are becoming increasingly machine-dependant but as far as skills are concerned, they always depend on an individual’s innate ability. This is an important reason why your skills will never become obsolete or redundant.


Less wastage of business resources

For product based businesses, there is much higher likelihood of money and resource wastage. For example, you may end up with a batch of products that are defective or cannot be sold. However, when you choose to invest in your skills, there are fewer chances of incurring waste.



You can always upgrade your skills or educate yourself to become more specialised in your line. When you invest in products, you have to be prepared to invest a sizable chunk of money in order to change your product line or introduce new products. With skills, it’s far easier to introduce innovation and change.


Self-confidence and quality assurance

When you invest in your skills, you are confident of providing your customers with your best efforts. When you market your cooking, sewing, writing or teaching skills, you are depending on yourself. Investing in your skills makes you confident about the service you guarantee to customers.


Higher potential to differentiate your business

When you deal with products, there are a limited number of ways in which you can differentiate your product. However, when you market a skill-based business, you can work towards making yourself as different from the competition as you can.


You become more attractive

I don’t mean that you’ll become supermodel material overnight. By investing in your skills you are investing in yourself. By investing in yourself you develop new skills, acquire the skills you need and hone the skills you have. You show determination and diligence. You become a greater prospect to potential businesses. How can you convince a business to work with you, if you don’t show them that you’re worth working with?


You can expect an impressive set of benefits by choosing to invest in your skills. Do you have any suggestions to add?







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