Why You Don’t Need a Lot of Money to Make a Lot of Money


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Most people believe that in order to make money, you already need money. This is one of the most glaring misconceptions regarding wealth.

If you read the biographies of JK Rowling, Richard Branson or Ken Wills, you will find one thing in common with all them: None of them had big money to begin with. They all worked with passion, determination and confidence but did not embark on the road to riches with big money behind them.


Here’s a closer look at secrets that can take you on the road to wealth:

  • Have a clearly defined plan before embarking on your venture. Write down what you want to achieve or the service you want to provide
  • Focus on your values and passion; use your strengths, talents and skills
  • If at all your venture requires an initial investment, there are several means of procuring it in a legal manner
  • Recognise the fact that wealth and money are two different things
  • Shift your focus from spending to investing
  • Invest your money wisely. The rich live within their means and live simply

The trick lies in using your money wisely rather than looking for more money to work with. Explore options where you sell your time and skills, offering anything from cleaning services to IT skills – there is nothing that can’t be turned to an extra income.


Here are 4 ways to make money from nothing or next to nothing:

1. Consider writing a book on cookery

Food is an interesting and inspiring topic. Talk about your speciality and share your secrets. Options could include low-fat cooking, desserts, party meals, children’s meals, gluten-free meals among others. Choose a cooking topic that brings out your expertise.

2. Consider investing your money in stocks, treasury bonds or in CDs. Over time, your investment will grow and offer higher returns. You can begin investing with very low sums of money.

3. Offer your skills as a cover designer or illustrator. Whether it’s books, e-Books or brochures, creativity in art is a sought after skill.

4. If you know basic needlework, you can offer to repair friends’ clothes, trousers, skirts etc and charge a fee for it. Most people dislike throwing away good clothes just because of a little tear.


Having a lot of money is not a prerequisite for making more money. All you need to do is focus on your skills and abilities and invest your money wisely.



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