Why Working for Someone Else Will Never Make You Rich and How to Break the Mould


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Hard work pays off, there’s no doubt about it. Sadly, there is always going to be a limit on how much hard work you can put in. Even if you work a dreadful 70 hours a week for your boss, there’s no guarantee that your efforts will be rewarded and even if you manage to take your boss’s position, you’re still going to be working for someone else. Be it the investors, the company founder or someone higher up, you’re always going to be working because someone else is willing to pay you for it. No matter your qualifications or experience, there will always be a limit and the career ladder can only take you so far.


Working for someone else creates a comfort bubble

People didn’t get rich without taking risks. Working a regular job is a sign of comfort. You come in, you do your work, go home and then at the end of the month, you get a paycheck. This comfort is what people want at the end of the day. They want to know that their hard work is going to be rewarded with money and they like the financial security of having a job. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, will wake up and wonder if their business has died overnight or if it’s prospering. Let’s face it, no one enjoys the idea of owning a volatile business, but if you aren’t willing to take risks with your income then you will never become rich.


Breaking the mould and becoming your own boss

There are many ways to become your own boss. You could start as a freelancer doing whatever you used to do in the office, or you could become one of those investment property buyers that you’ve heard so much about. After all, who wouldn’t want to buy and sell houses, making hundreds of thousands on every sale? When it comes to your salary, you basically don’t have a limit and the amount of money you make is going to be based on your own hard work. Real estate is just one type of investment you could make that will help you break out of the mould. In short, you want to be the person on top that has hundreds or thousands of employees working for them, not someone with a boss.


Time is money, and your time is worth what you want it to be

Freelancers are notorious for charging exorbitant amounts for their work. However, it illustrates something that far too many people overlook: time is money. The amount of money you charge for your time is entirely up to you. Some people decide that $100 is worth an hour of their time, others charge millions or even thousands. If you’re fine working for $25, then that’s your decision. However, even if you worked 24 hours a day for 365 days a week, you would only make $219,000 a year—that’s bordering on what could be called well-off or wealthy, but it’s nowhere near “rich”. If you want to become rich, then stop working for someone else and stop selling yourself short. Your time is worth whatever you want it to be and you need to convince people (or yourself) of the price you set.



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