Why Should You Consider Outsourcing Telemarketing Responsibilities?


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With technology advancing at a rapid pace and data and digitalisation taking the lead in changing the way companies communicate with its customers, people often become suspicious about how effective telemarketing can be today. The telemarketing technique that ruled the area of lead generation and conversion in the pre-digital times has no doubt lost some of its sheen but it remains effective without any doubt. What has changed is that the task of telemarketers has become more difficult in that it has to present itself as an able competitor of its digital counterparts.


Facing the challenge

As times have changed, telemarketing that used to be the de facto method of prospecting has evolved and acquired a different status. The main challenge comes from the various media that have flooded the marketing space. Now, telemarketers have to work harder and be smarter in delivering compelling reasons to buy.

The availability of more options has changed the behavior of prospects that are no more the sitting ducks of the early nineties. Prospects are now in better control of how they receive the communication and can dictate their preference for time and mode of communication. Despite the changes, telemarketing is still popular among businesses of all sizes. You can now choose a Outsourcing Insight product that can handle your telemarketing needs and derive the following benefits.


Effective for cold and warm lists

Besides supporting existing customers and even selling products to them, telemarketers are equally effective in acquiring new customers and take forward leads that are in the pipeline as well as closing deals. Breaking free from the boundaries of cold calls, telemarketers are comfortable with warm calls too.


Direct approach produces direct response

Telemarketing takes a direct marketing approach without trying to camouflage the intent of selling. It helps to elicit a direct response from the clients or customers that leads to immediate results.  This increases the possibilities of quick conversion and sales that reflect in return on investment.


The human touch

There is a human touch in telemarketing that gives it a distinct advantage over recorded interactive voice support. Since there is a person who can talk as well as listen, the communication is just tailor-made for the specific customer instead of being something of a stereotype as we find in recorded messages. Moreover, companies can use the telemarketing services to gather information and customer feedback.


A source for gathering customer and market data

Every interaction of the telemarketer is an opportunity to gather information that companies can use to improve their products or services. Companies can identify the gaps that exist with the prospects and take measures to bridge it. They also get the market picture more reliably as the telemarketer team can include questions about market research as part of the process.

Every call made by telemarketers help to gain valuable feedback. The information helps to make quick changes to the process to make it more efficient. Above all, telemarketers can respond to new information too.





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