Why Sharing What You Know Can Make You More Money Than Doing What You Know




If you are good at something or possess specialised knowledge about a subject, you can earn a decent income from sharing that knowledge. There are plenty of people who would be willing to pay a nominal fee to learn the secrets of doing something well.

The subjects could be varied but sharing what you know could earn you much more lucrative than doing what you know. Doing what you know will involve a serious investment of your time, effort and energy.


Examples of useful information that you could consider sharing with others online:

  • If you have managed to grow your savings, share tips and secrets on how and where to invest money. This will make it far more easier to invest than handling other people’s money to invest


  • Are you good with software? Sharing your knowledge about the latest applications, comparing software types and reviewing products can net you a respectable passive income


  • Do you have an avid interest in digital photography? Share your insights and tips with your readers and help others learn the art of photography. This is more likely to generate a steady stream of income and connect you to an impressive number of readers than looking for photography assignments.


  • Have you managed to renovate your home decor on a shoestring budget? Tell others your insider tricks and how you managed to do it.


  • Are you a fitness enthusiast? Share your healthy weight loss tips with other readers

These are only a few examples. You can choose to write about anything that you happen to be an expert at. Even if your subject is specialised, you will attract like-minded readers who are interested in what you have to say.


Why is sharing your knowledge or skill a better choice?

Doing what you know best requires time, effort and a lot of planning. This is why it is challenging to consider this as a way to generate passive income – it’s more likely to be considered active income. Sharing what you know – whether through an Ebook or by creating a supporting DVD or CD which can be used to teach others can generate a passive income without having to be directly involved all the time.


In addition to earning potential, sharing your passion is also a motivating and interesting way to earn an income. You get to do the things you love and help others gain knowledge while earning some valuable pounds at the same time.


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