Want to Earn Extra Money Fast? 5 Side Hustles You Can Set Up In No Time


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With rising prices and escalating rents, it’s always useful to have some spare cash to play with. Extra money allows you to enjoy your life as gives you some breathing space when it comes to paying bills and this is where developing a side hustle or two comes in very handy!

If you are interested in creating a side hustle to earn some extra cash, here are some innovative ways to do it:


Small Scale Catering

Are your pies and sandwiches the talk of the town? You can consider starting a small scale catering business. A good idea would be to start off with catering for children’s parties or providing lunches for elderly neighbours and friends. As your business catches on, you can explore the idea of expanding it or even hiring part time assistant.


Giving Music lessons

Are you good at singing or playing a musical instrument? If you have a background in music, you could consider giving music lessons to children or even adults. You can arrange to give classes right at home and moreover, you can choose a time and day that is convenient to you. A lot of people would love to learn music or an instrument.


Teaching English Online

If you are interested in teaching English, you can find a lot of international students online. Asians (Chinese, Indians) are especially happy to find someone who can teach them good English. There are several websites that allow tutors to connect with students. Again, you can choose to do this in your own time.


Freelance Academic Writing

If you have a background in economics, science or any other subject, you can write academic papers for websites. Academic papers pay well and moreover, you can do this when you are free. It’s a paying job that you can manage along with your regular job. Academic writing usually pays better compared to other types of writing as it involves more effort.


Opting to be an Extra in the Movies

Movie crews are always on the lookout for extras. The pay is usually upto £ 100-120 and the work is interesting. Besides, you may get the opportunity to meet some famous movie stars. You can do this in your spare time and earn some extra cash.


Even if you have a regular job, it may sometimes be difficult to make ends meet. By investing a little time and effort, you can earn extra cash and use this money to enjoy yourself. Rather than spending the extra money you earn, it’s also a good idea to invest the additional income and get it working harder for you over the long term.


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