Top 5 Money Savers for Small Businesses


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When it comes to your business, there are so many ways to save money. For smaller businesses, it’s necessary to make changes in order to save money. Some of the following you may not have heard about. However, they are classic examples of how to save money if you own a smaller business.



To get work done, you need the right people. However, employing someone full time can cost office space, annual salary and other costs (free lunches etc). Outsourcing takes away this problem. Hire the people you need for a job and have them do it for you away from the office. This not only saves time, but saves a lot of money, especially if the job they are doing takes no time at all.


Go Digital

If you print a lot of items in your business, you may be surprised to know that a lot of cost can come from it. Deciding to go digital and scanning in your important documents not only saves money, but stores your important files in one area for easy access. You can buy scanners from stores such as The Scanner Shop and scan all off your old documents in no time. You should ensure that all files are backed up when you go digital too, as this will ensure that files are always accessible! You can backup your files using an external hard drive, available at most technology stores.



This may seem like a given, but many small business don’t know that a sale is always negotiable. Set your price and wait for the offers to come in. Vendors will always want to stay in business, and will ensure they get a sale above their competitors. So if you need a service, ensure you get the price for your needs.


Cut Expenses

Free lunches are great, until they start to cost you a lot more money. If you find that you’re struggling to afford lunches, don’t be ashamed to cut them off. This is your business, and although your workers will miss the freebies, they would miss their job a lot more.


Recycle Everything

As well as investing in recycling bins, you should always look at buying used and recycled furniture. Desks, computers, tables and chairs can all be bought second hand (depending on their condition). So don’t be afraid to shop around. After all, who needs to know that an item has been upcycled if it looks brand new?

Guest post by Gina Kay Daniel




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