Top 10 Tips from 10 Successful People on becoming Successful


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Most successful weren’t born successful; they worked for it and adopted certain effective habits that served them extremely well. Here are some words of advice from a few of them:


‘Choose to stay away from the radar’ – Edward Yim, CEO of Crunchbase

Staying quiet and away from publicity is sometimes good for your business; you avoid attracting competition.


‘Avoid judging a book by its cover’ – Geoff Entress, Investor and Partner with Voyager Capital

When someone comes to you with an investment proposal, avoid dismissing it offhand. Take your time to examine the opportunity first.


‘Learn to stand up for yourself’ – Jeremy Schoemaker, Founder of

If you feel pushed around, learn to stand up for yourself and confront people at times when you need to.


‘Keep good people around you’ – Author and TV Presenter, Michelle Mone

Hiring good employees and reliable people will help you achieve your business goals and realise your vision.


‘Choose to do something that you love’ – Deirdre Bounds, UK Philanthropist

Since we spend most of our day on our business, it makes it more fun if you focus on something that you are passionate about.


‘Reinvest your profits’ – Warren Buffet, Stocks Investor and Author

When you make a profit, there’s always a temptation to spend it. Keep aside a small amount for splurging and reinvest the rest of it.


‘Take time off for yourself’ – Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Records

Regardless of how successful you are, some days are always overwhelming. Take a step back and relax doing what you love.


‘Offer the most you can for your customer’s money’ – Henry Ford, Founder of Ford Motor Company

Instead of trying to squeeze every dollar or pound for profit, try and see how much value you can offer clients. Your profits will shoot up!


‘Refuse to be a captive of the environment that you first find yourself’ – Michael Caine

Believe in yourself and refuse to let circumstances dictate your life. Continue to work to realise your dreams.


‘Disappointment and failure are the two surest stepping stones to success’ – Dale Carnegie

Those who are able to move past failures and more importantly, learn from them eventually become successful people.

If you want to be really successful, start building your dreams otherwise someone else will hire you to build theirs. Determination, preparation and hard work are three key ingredients for success.



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