Thrifty Travel: How to Relax While Saving Money





When you’ve worked hard to get where you are, scrambled together your savings, and finally made it possible to jet off to somewhere more exotic, it would be nice to have a bit left when you return. Although most people like travelling, those who truly love it find ways to explore the world even when there’s a lack of funds – and they enjoy their holidays as much as any.

It makes it a lot easier to stick to your budget and continue a thrifty lifestyle wherever you are, so make use of their insightful advice on your next holiday. That way, you’ll be able to afford another one a lot sooner.


Ditch the toiletries

If you’ve treated yourself and your family to a week or two in a hotel, it’s quick to save a bit by leaving your toiletries behind. There are, first of all, usually shampoo and shower gel available in most hotels which means that you can leave your fancy stuff at home.

By not packing all of that liquid, you’ll also be able to avoid that disastrous feeling of reaching for your face wash in the bag of bathroom stuff, only to feel your hand soaking wet as half its content is already spilt. It’s the worst thing in the world when you like to invest in your facial routines.

Last, but not least, you’ll also be able to enjoy the extra space in your suitcase and can head off to the airport with confidence, knowing that your bag is far from overweight. Again; leave your toiletries at home.


Choose the second best option

Most of us who genuinely enjoy saving money are probably quite used to settling for the second best in any way. It feels a lot better to know that you’re living within your means – even if it means living a bit smaller and with a bit less.

The same goes for your holiday habits; choose the second best plane ticket as it’s usually cheaper, go for the next-best option of hotels, and stick to the same mindset when you choose a restaurant. Compare deals online before you book with sites such as Dunhill Travel Deals, to find moneysaving offers from the start.

You may decide to save a bit on your first few days so that you can splurge with a clear conscience later on – or just to have a full savings account when you’re back home. The choice is yours as always.


Apply for reward cards

We can, in fact, get entire plane tickets for free as long as those points are collected, so make sure you apply for the right reward cards and create those air mile accounts before you leave. The same goes for your phone calls habits if you’re going somewhere with an unstable internet connection; international call free of charge, in case you call a lot, so have a look at these options as well.

Rewards credit card is also a good idea when you’re abroad, though, so use it on your shopping trips and rejoice over how quickly those rewards can add up.

By making use of public transport to get around and even researching a bit online to find the best restaurant deals, you may be able to enjoy some time off a lot more often – while still saving money and living it up your way.


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