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We all know that money talks, and while it can’t always make you happy, it certainly makes life easier. So there is no surprise that everyone is looking for some of the quick ways they can earn some extra money. While the quick fixes can’t always resolve any financial issues you have, longer term investments can often help you make larger profits for your financial future. With that in mind, I thought I would share with you some of the investments that could help you make a tidy profit.


Renting out on the short-term

Buying a property isn’t always easy, and when you have rental in mind, it can often be harder. So sometimes people choose to have a shorter term rental option in mind when choosing this sort of investment. They consider a property ideal for holiday makers, or somewhere where people may need to stay for business like city centers. Websites like Airbnb can then be utilised to advertise your holiday let. You can then enlist the help of people like Airbnb Managers to manage this for you, meaning your investment is earning you money without much input from yourself. Of course, you can always manage it yourself as well if you choose to. This can be very profitable throughout the year if you choose the right location.


Renting out long-term

While it isn’t always ideal to rely on seasonal renting, you can always look to buy a property and rent out long term. That is because you can enlist the help of agencies who will do all the legwork for you. You simply have the investment in the property where it should be increasing in value, and making a profit each month on the rent. Of course, you need to think about the location and appealability of your property and the long term maintenance of the home that will go along with it.


Renovating a property and selling quick

If you are quite handy at DIY then why not choose to renovate a rundown property instead. You could consider renovating a home that needs just a little cosmetic love, or something that requires more building time and expertise. The bigger the renovation, the more profit you can potentially make. However, renovations need a little more planning than buying a property to rent out. You need to consider the budget for the renovations, so this needs to be factored into your spend before you make the biggest purchase.


Changing the use of a building

Finally, changing the use of a building is a great way to maximise your profits and your investments. It could be a commercial property that you renovate into a house or apartments, or vice versa where you make a residential property into commercial use. This is a great way to help rejuvenate an area, as well as making a larger investment for your financial future.

I hope these options inspire you to think of investments you could be making for the future.



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