Top 10 Tips from 10 Successful People on becoming Successful

    Most successful weren’t born successful; they worked for it and adopted certain effective habits that served them extremely well. Here are some words of advice from a few of them:   ‘Choose to stay away from the radar’ – Edward Yim, CEO of Crunchbase Staying quiet and away from publicity is sometimes good for […]

15 Successful Women Entrepreneurs Who Made Millions

    Female entrepreneurs have branched out into every field including media, healthcare products and philanthropy. What is their secret to success and what is their advice for aspiring entrepreneurs? Here is a list of the 15 top female entrepreneurs:   1. Oprah Winfrey With an estimated wealth of $2.9 million dollars, Oprah Winfrey owns […]

3 Inspiring Stories of Struggle and Triumph from Top Entrepreneurs

    No successful business can be established without experiencing a few – or many – bumps along the road. Here are 3 inspiring stories from top entrepreneurs who used positive attitude, grit and determination to triumph over setbacks and eventually achieved unparalleled heights of success.   Hillary Devey, Founder and CEO of pall-EX Hillary […]

How to Develop a Positive Mindset for Business Success

  ‘Train your mind to see the good in every situation’ In a world of uncertainty and stress, it may seem overwhelming (if not impossible) to develop a positive mindset. You may be worried about economic setbacks, lack of funding or the possibility of business failure. While it’s human to encounter negative thoughts at times, […]

10 Lessons for Business Success from Top Entrepreneurs

‘Nothing succeeds like success’ The best way to learn about starting and establishing a successful business is from the experts. Here are 10 important lessons shared by successful top entrepreneurs for aspiring enthusiasts still in the trenches:   It can take time to organise funds or finance If you’ve invested your best efforts into making […]

How Negative Thinking Can Impact Your Business and How to Overcome It

    ‘You live with your thoughts so be careful what they are’ – Eva Arrington We are conditioned as human beings to be more inclined towards negative thinking compared to positive thoughts. The trend has a genetic origin and can be traced back to our ancestors who had to fight for their survival and […]