Why You Need to Diversify to Achieve Financial Success

    The economy of any country, including the UK, is subject to unpredictable shifts and changes. Achieving financial success depends to a large extent, on our ability to be able to incorporate these variables in our investment strategy.   Diversification of investments It’s important to understand that diversification cannot protect your investment from loss […]

Want to Start Investing in Stocks? Top 10 Books for Beginners

      Although many best-sellers on investing have been written by American authors, the basic principles are relevant to any stock market including the UK. Here’s a look at the top 10 stock investing books:   How to Trade In Stocks by Jesse Livermore The top-selling book is written in an autobiographical style and […]

Interested in Low-Cost Investing? A Quick Guide to Penny Stocks

  If you are interested in investing but don’t want to risk large amounts of money until you’ve learnt the ropes, penny stocks might be an option to consider. Here is a quick guide to penny stocks:   What are Penny Stocks and how do they work? Penny stocks are low-cost and small-cap stocks. Although […]

A Beginner’s Quick Introduction to Stock Investing: What is Stock Investing?

    Thinking of investing in the stock market? This brief introduction to stock market investing will help you learn the ropes.   What exactly are stocks? Companies owners often seek shareholders or stockholders when they wish to float (set up) a new company or expand an existing one. The words ‘stocks’ and ‘shares’ mean […]