5 Reasons Why Your Blog Won’t Make You Money (And What You Can Do About It)

    Are you stressed that your blog is not generating revenue? There are many people who earn a steady income by blogging. There are others who blog but don’t earn a penny. So what are the reasons why your blog isn’t making money yet?   Problem 1: There are too many adverts on your blog […]

5 Low-Risk Ways to Earn Extra Income Fast

  When your overall income exceeds your monthly expenses, there is a stronger likelihood of attaining financial freedom sooner. However, the road to financial independence is not always a straight line. If you wish to earn an income quickly, then it’s better to develop multiple streams for improved cash flow. How can you earn an extra income quickly? […]

Struggling to Interpret Investing Jargon? List of Important Investing Terms Explained

    If you are at a linguistic disadvantage when it comes to investing, the first key step involves understanding the jargon. This will help you select the investments suitable to your requirement and you will understand exactly what the investment entails. Here are some commonly used investing terms explained in simpler language: Stock: A […]

5 Ways You Should Be Diversifying Your Investments

    Diversification is the investor’s tool to protect himself from the unpredictable movements of the market. Investing should not be a reactive process; it works much better when it is proactive in nature. Diversification helps you exercise more control over your investments rather than resorting to knee-jerk reactions of an unfriendly economy. Investment diversification […]

Top 10 Tips from 10 Successful People on becoming Successful

    Most successful weren’t born successful; they worked for it and adopted certain effective habits that served them extremely well. Here are some words of advice from a few of them:   ‘Choose to stay away from the radar’ – Edward Yim, CEO of Crunchbase Staying quiet and away from publicity is sometimes good for […]

Ditch the Single Salary: Why Multiple Income Streams are the Smart Financial Way Forward

    While investment diversification is a fairly popular concept, few people realise that diversifying your income is equally beneficial. It’s a good idea to diversify your income to create one or more streams of passive income. This way you maximise your income and at the same time, protect yourself from job insecurity thanks to […]