Stand Out from the Crowd with Black Wedding Bands



One of the new trends in fashion is black wedding bands. They look fantastic, stand out against the standard gold and silver rings, are inexpensive, and always incite conversation. If you are getting married soon, it might be a good idea to consider wedding bands made of black metal. These are usually tungsten rings which have a layer of black titanium alloy on top for a rich, deep black finish. The stunning look is only one of the reasons this is a brilliant choice, though.


Solid and Scratch-Resistant

This is one of the biggest points in favor of these rings. Since they are made of tungsten, they are incredibly robust. It is one of the hardest metals around, ten times harder than gold. It is impossible to scratch it even with a file unless you’re using something like a diamond. This does not hold true for rings made of traditional precious metals like gold and platinum as they scratch rather easily because they are soft in nature. On the other hand, tungsten bands retain their polish no matter what. They need zero servicing and look good as new for decades after they are made.

Rings of tungsten-carbide also retain their shape no matter what and will stay circular even under very high pressure. Under extreme conditions, they would rather shatter than bend your finger the wrong way and cause serious damage. They are tarnish and corrosion resistant and do not need any protective coating like rhodium. This is especially useful for people who work intense jobs that involve the use of their hands. You will not have to remove your ring every time you go to work like you would have had to for conventional gold, silver, and platinum rings.


Completely Hypoallergenic

It is quite common for someone to have sensitive or irritable skin, or to have an allergy to conventional metals like silver or gold. Black wedding rings are perfect for such a situation because they are completely hypoallergenic, just like platinum. They do not react with anything and are perfectly safe to wear.


Stylish, Trendy, and In Vogue

Wedding rings were a dead market up until a few years ago, with everyone flocking towards the same precious metals, separated only perhaps by engraving and styling. They still rule the market, of course, but the advent of tungsten rings has started a revolution like never before. For black rings, the dark, elegant, and brilliant look is unparalleled. They look absolutely unique and are bound to attract looks and questions wherever you go. You should read some more about ring sizing and other aspects at before getting yourself a black wedding band.



Another reason for the popularity of black wedding bands is the extremely attractive pricing. They cost a little more than steel or titanium rings, perhaps, but a lot less than those made of platinum and gold. Weddings are always expensive affairs, but no one likes to compromise on the ring, which is something you will need to live with forever. In such a situation, an everlasting, beautiful, unique and affordable option like black tungsten rings is a welcome addition. There is no better way to commemorate your beautiful bond than with a wedding band as unique as you.



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