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It’s nice to have money, right? But when you’ve been earning the same amount of money for a while, it can make you feel a bit stuck. You know you have the skills to earn a bit more cash, but a raise doesn’t seem to be happening at work, and a promotion seems pretty far out on the horizon.

So what do we do in these scenarios? We turn to side pursuits that can earn us a bit more money. If you’re at all interested in getting a bit more profit in your pocket, then consider these “side hustles” that use your current skills to earn you a little extra.



Gone are the days where most people assumed you could get rich quick by setting up a blog. We all know by now that it takes a lot of dedication and profitless hours before a blog is in a position to start earning you another income. Of course, that makes it pretty similar to starting up any other sort of business, right? Blogging isn’t really something you should do only for the money; you should do it because you have a passion for this sort of writing. And if you do, then you should go forward with the knowledge that it can earn you extra cash – if you do it right!


Data entry

Data entry isn’t always the time-intensive job that many people assume it is. It’s often something that only requires a couple of hours a day. That’s why a lot of businesses are looking for people who are able to do some database handling for a few hours a week, usually from home. This can be a great way to earn some extra cash. Some of the work may seem a little brainless, but listening to music or educational podcasts while you do it can make the time fly quicker than you think!



Something else that an alarming number of people once thought could get you rich overnight. Actually, that still seems to be a worryingly widespread notion about how trading works! The fact is that trading is quite complex and carries an enormous amount of risk. But it can actually be a very smart thing to engage in if you have some cash sitting around. After all, money should be growing, not just sitting there doing nothing! Though it may seem daunting, trading options from the USA is fine with the right broker. Getting the right assistance – and doing enough research – can make all the difference.



Do you have a particular skill that is valuable? Maybe you know how to play guitar. Maybe you can speak another language fluently, or are particularly knowledgeable about English. Perhaps you know a few programming languages. These can be pretty valuable skills for use in your own lead career, but how about teaching those skills to others? Tutoring doesn’t always require some kind of teaching degree – you simply need to be able to demonstrate your keen ability! Tutoring can take place face-to-face, but you can also create an online course and earn income that way!




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