Should I Stay or Should I go? Staycation vs Holidays Abroad





May half term is just around the corner, and most families have begun to think about how they’re going to spend it. With many people believing it to be the cheaper option, staycations have been on the rise in recent years… but are you really getting a better deal if you holiday in the UK? Or are you getting more bang for your buck if you jet off somewhere warmer?

We’ve spoken with travel experts, Holiday Gems, to get the to the bottom of whether or not it is actually cheaper, with all things considered, to stay in the UK than abroad. Here we go!

We’ve compared 5 nights in popular staycation destination Cornwall with Benalmadena in Spain, for a family of four.




Let’s start with one of the most important aspects of any holiday – the weather. As we all know, the weather in the UK can be somewhat undesirable to say the least. Even during May, when the temperatures are supposed to rise, the average temperature in Cornwall is just 11°C – that’s hardly beach weather!

Benalmadena, in Spain, on the other hand has an average May temperature of 18°C, with highs of a whopping 27°C – that’s more like it. There’s also a lovely 12 hours of sunshine per day during this month, meaning that you and your family have more time to chill out on the beach or go paddling in the pool.



Getting there

Obviously it depends on where in the UK you live, but for the purpose of this experiment, let’s say you and your family live in Manchester. Depending on traffic, you’re looking at around a six hour drive to your destination. That’s a long way to travel, especially if you’ve got young kids in the car. Factor in a few toilet breaks and getting caught in a rush hour jam about halfway down and you’re probably looking at nearer EIGHT hours!

Non-stop flights to Benalmadena take around the three hour mark, even if you factor in going through customs, you’re looking at a timescale that doesn’t even come close to the drive to Cornwall.

We challenge anyone to enjoy the last night of their holiday knowing they have an eight hour drive the next day.



The overall cost of your holiday in Cornwall will obviously depend on where you choose to stay. We’ve selected the fabulous Esplanade Hotel, a coastal retreat that boasts a heated indoor pool, a pirate ship adventure playground and lots of family focused activities to keep the kids entertained during your stay.

The hotel has special larger rooms, with extra beds, for families of four at £155 per night. For five nights that’s £775, and that’s for the room only. If you want breakfast or dinner you’ll have to add on extras.

The Pierre and Vacances Terrazas is a group of self-catering apartments based in Benalmadena. With a swimming pool overlooking the sea, kids clubs for all ages, sunbathing areas and free activities for adults, you’ll never be stuck for something to do!

Five nights in a two-bedroom apartment in the complex costs just £244, giving you plenty of extra cash to spend on eating, drinking and having lots of family fun in the sun.


And the winner is…

Going abroad is the clear winner here. Whilst staycations are a fantastic choice for a couple of days here and there, jetting off somewhere warm is the perfect way to spend lots of quality time with your family over the half term break. Happy holidays!




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