Saving as a Driver





As a driver, you can probably attest to the fact that nothing comes cheap in regards to your car. Whether it’s filling your car up, fixing your car or insuring your car, it always seems as if you’re shelling out money for it, right?

But there are ways to cut down on your car expenditure and be a far more frugal driver. And to be a far more frugal driver you will have to do a number of things. One thing you will have to do is change both your habits. Another is that you’ll have to devote extensive amounts of time to finding better, cheaper deals. If you’re willing to do these things then, by all means, carry on reading below for tips on how to do them effectively.


Change your gassing habits

To cut down on car expenses, you must be willing to change your habits. Specifically, one habit that you need to change — if you do it, of course — is going to and from the gas station to fill your car with petrol or diesel. Instead, you should make far fewer trips to the station and fill your tank up when you’re there. This is because, one, it will mean you are not wasting gas making unnecessary trips to the station. And two, it will mean you avoid the issues caused by having a little bit of gas in your tank — issues that can prove to be very costly. So, fill up your tank, regardless of how much it costs, and you will see a financial benefit in the long run.

Spend time looking for cheaper alternatives

That time of the year when you have to find and take out a new insurance policy for the coming year is stressful, isn’t it? Well, if you want to be a frugal driver, you have to add even more stress on top of the stress you already feel, unfortunately. You have to be prepared to search the web for an extensive amount of time to find an insurance that is both cheap, and suits you. You have to be prepared to fill out countless personal information forms. And you have to be prepared to be barraged with insurance companies calling you up as soon as they get a sniff of potential business. A good first port of call when you do this is to use a site such as to point you in the right direction. You should then starting getting quotes from all sorts of insurance companies. And then, you shouldn’t be afraid to chat with them, either via phone or livechat, in order to haggle the price down.

As you can see, there’s no need to ditch the car for far cheaper alternatives, such as a bicycle, just yet (unless, of course, you want to both save on money and improve your fitness). No, there are ways to save money as car driver, you just have to be willing to go the extra mile to do so.


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