Riling Up For Retirement





It’s something that a lot of us are waiting for. But when you get there, retirement often isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. There’s a sense of loss in most cases, as routines that you have adapted to over many years become disrupted, and you have to find something to fill the days with. Whether this is another job that requires you to work less hours, or maybe even some voluntary work within your community, it can all seem quite overwhelming. What else can add to the overwhelming feeling is not being financially prepared for this stage in your life.


Thinking About Money

If you haven’t got a pension readily available with your company  to you for when you retire, or the contributions over the years have been low so you know that you won’t yield a good return on the investments that you have made, it may be time to look into a private pension or an equivalent. A SMSF (Self Managed Super Fund) is something that a lot of people are turning to in partnership with a number of trustees, adding funds into an account to be able to provide financial remuneration to you when you are all in retirement; there is an online retirement quiz available for you to take to ensure that this is the right decision to make. This could be a great idea or an addition to a pension should you have one.


Thinking About Investment

Think of physical items when you are thinking of investing the money that you already have. If you invest in properties, either at home or abroad, there will always be a good return value to you if the market is good. Properties can gain value fast, and this is something that can easily be lived off in retirement if you hit the ground running and make the right decisions with which properties to buy. You may not even want to sell them; if you have paid off the mortgage, rental income can be a good way to keep yourself financially stable without having to get an additional job or rely solely on your pension. This will have to be taxed as it is still classed as an income. If you have had a bonus on your retirement, or a settlement fund to get out of your job, consider investing this in property for a significant return.


The Future

The sooner that you think about it, the sooner that you can get the ball rolling and get yourself on track with where you need to be. If you need to see a financial advisor, this could be a sound plan for getting advice about what to do with your monetary situation currently and how best to organise what is going to happen in the years to come. Make sure to go over what’s happening with a partner in your life, should you have one, to ensure that it is the best decision for you both in the long-run.





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