Quick Ways to Save Money in the Home



Everybody likes free things, but unfortunately and contrary to the old proverb, not a lot of the best things in life are free, especially when it comes to physical possessions. However, a lot of good things are very cheap, which means that for every almost criminally-expensive hot new trend, there’s a dozen serviceable alternatives that won’t empty your wallet of all your savings. Some tips are:


Aim for the durable

Sure, that flashy white-marble counter top looks divine, but within a few weeks of use, it’ll be dull, dirty and scratched to pieces, so why not go for a much-tougher and dirt-concealing option? And you’d think a fluffy rug would really tie the kitchen together, but when you’re scrubbing food stains out of it for the third time a week, you’d definitely be rethinking your choices, so why not just lay down some hard tile or a wood floor?


Upcycle and create

Taking a look around any arts-and-crafty Facebook group yields bounties of inspiration for any type of quirky and useful projects made from things you no longer use. Whether it’s a bunch of old shirts turned quilted blanket and tossed over the back of the sofa, or a pair of autumn-themed oven gloves, the dual rush of making something new with your own hands and putting it to use is rarely replicated in other activities. Download one of these free digital planners to keep track of it all. 


Go minimalist

Minimalism is the practice of artfully utilizing as few things as possible to decorate a space. Obviously, for the thrifty and frugal out there, this is a huge draw, but when pulled off properly, a minimalist style can really make your house pop, and the budgeting is secondary.

Put one candle up on the mantelpiece instead of two. Cut down on the amount of houseplants displayed on a windowsill. And do you really need an entire collection of glass paperweights front and center on the shelf?







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