Planning a Big Adventure? How to Save for Long-Term Travel



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No matter how old you are, or how many commitments you may have, the thirst for adventure lies within all of us. Maybe you’ve got a long-held ambition to take part in a round the world cruise, to backpack through Europe or to visit every country on earth. Whatever your adventure is, it can sometimes feel like impossible, particularly when you start to consider the cost.

It’s important to remember, however, that even the longest journeys begin with a single step, and this is the approach you should take when it comes to saving. No matter where you want to go, or for how long, you can achieve your dream by following these steps.


Save on the little things first

When your adventure is going to cost thousands of pounds, it can seem almost silly to scrimp on groceries. However, all of the small savings you make will eventually add up to a huge amount – just think about how often you go to the supermarket and how much you spend over a year.

Start making your own lunches for work, try fixing things rather than replacing them, and make a weekly budget that you stick to. All of these things may not seem like much, but collectively they’ll soon have your bank balance looking healthier and that big trip looking a lot more likely.


Think about your assets

Another effective way of raising money for a once in a lifetime trip is to have a look at what sellable assets you have and whether you really need them. Once again, it’s good to start small. Clear out the garage and loft of all the useless stuff that you haven’t even looked at for years.

There are plenty of opportunities to make money these days whether you opt for a local car boot sale or an online outlet. There’s no reason you can’t get a good price for your items while freeing up some much-needed space.

For the more extreme travel plans, there are further steps you can take. If you’re going away indefinitely, you could even look into selling your car or property, particularly if it’s going to sit empty for years. Websites like can speed up the sale process and provide you with the cash you need for your travels without having to go through a lengthy administrative process.


Make money on the move

If you want see the world, but simply don’t feel comfortable spending all of your savings, there are now plenty of ways that you can earn money while travelling.

Becoming a digital nomad would allow you to work anywhere in the world as long you had an internet connection, so if you enjoy marketing, writing, coding or any number of digital jobs, this could be an option for you. There are also schemes that let you take part in physical work too, like fruit picking in Australia, that would allow you to meet new people.

Whether you ultimately choose to work on the go or save up before you leave, it’s important to remember that a little saving can help you go a long way on your travels.






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