One’s Company, Two’s A Crowd: Building A Solo Empire





We live in an odd age, and I don’t think anybody could deny that. The modern world has brought us greater connectivity, communication and information than ever before through the beauty of technology, but, arguably, this makes us less connected than ever.

Still, I’m not going to get into the social aspects of the modern world. I’m going to talk about the financial aspects of the modern world, because there’s certainly no denying that the business landscape has changed within every industry on earth given the birth of the internet. Remote working has become particularly popular, as it’s opened up the opportunity for entrepreneurs to start solo businesses.

Much as with every other aspect of the digital era, there are pros and cons to remote working and self-started businesses from a home office. However, I personally believe none of the disadvantages to building a solo empire from the comfort of your home of a personal office are strong enough to outweigh the obvious advantages. I’ll talk you through some great ideas for solo businesses, along with their positive and negative aspects, and you can decide for yourself.


Property development

Property development is no easy feat, much as with any industry or line of trade. If you want help with starting with property development, never mind growing an empire, then you could start with professional advice from Flambard Williams. The property development industry is a tricky one, but only for investors who grow impatient and rush into decisions that backfire. The hardest part of succeeding through the buy-to-let industry is waiting for opportunities and growing slowly. Your empire will come, but it has to be earned over time.

Yes, there are disadvantages to being a property developer, but only if the business isn’t right for you. Impatience is an annoying and frustration trait to have to deal with in any industry, but it is an inherent part of the buy-to-let industry. If this is truly what you want to do, then learning the beauty of patience and waiting for the right opportunities will turn this into a flawless business enterprise for you. If you’re smart, patient and cautious, there will be no other downsides to starting a solo business in this industry. It all depends on how reckless you are as a person and how tightly screwed on your business head may or may not be.


Start an online course

The key to succeeding as a solo entrepreneur is to hone in on your existing skills and monetise them. The internet makes this far more simple than it ever was in the past, as you can expose your skills on a worldwide basis. You could start an online course in French, if you’ve always had a good tongue for language, or you could offer lessons in understanding WordPress and SEO, given how popular these areas are in the business world at the moment. It’s about observing gaps in the market, seeing what problems people need solved, and then solving them with your talents.


Selling online

Much as with the previous business model, this self-employed freelance opportunity extends beyond offering a service. If you can’t think of a skill you can monetise, then you could always become a self-started salesman. Platforms like Amazon make selling goods online easier than ever before. There are really so many ways to start a solo business online that you’re spoilt for choice.






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