One Day You’ll Be Living-Challenged. It’s Time You Prepared For It.


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Look, we get it, you probably don’t want to hear about it, but burying your head in naivety or ignorance isn’t going to change the fact that, one day, you are going to die. Sorry, but it is kind of inevitable, which is why you should face it head on and think about it more. You should think about how you can make your inevitable passing easier on you and those you are going to leave behind. Sorry to be so blase, but there’s no point beating around the bush on this one.

So, here is your bucket list of things to sort out before you become, shall we say, living-challenged.


You Will Want To Have A Will

Your last will and testament are pretty darn important because, well, it kind of dictates what you want to happen to everything after your death. It dictates what you want to happen to your property, your possessions, the guardianship of your children; literally everything. This is the inheritance your loved ones will receive, so draft up a will, do it with a lawyer, name an executor, print out a few copies, give them to the relevant people and then relax a bit knowing all of this is now done and the stress of who gets what is dealt with.


How Are People Going To Celebrate

This is not a mandatory requirement by any means, but planning your final farewell, your send off, your party to say thanks is a thing people do. We know it isn’t nice, but we recommend you think about the funeral. There are the morbid things like burial or cremation, where, the funeral director and the payment and all that stuff, all of which will ease the burden and stress on your family in what will be a rough time for them already. It doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom, though. Why not choose the music, have a dress code, and hire a cannon like Hunter S. Thompson? Whatever, it is your call.


Your Finances Need Sorting

We know that you’ve done a will and designated everything you own to those you love, or given everything to your favourite child and left the others with nothing, who knows. But your financial obligations to the world are not over with just yet. You’re going to need to get your finances in order. This is stuff like any debts you may owe, your life insurance policies, your retirement plans and pension pots, and just about anything else that you have a financial tie to. If your name is on it then we recommend you have a plan for it because it will help your family, and executor, out a great deal when it comes to finalising your estate.


A Master File

When you have got all of your paperwork, finances, wills, testaments, debts, and everything in order, we recommend you have a centralised place where all of this is stored. Then tell your loved ones, or a close friend, or your executor, where this master file is. Share it with them. Just makes sure it is in a safe place because, well, this file will contain everything about your life. Seriously, it will have birth certificates, letter of instruction, citizenship paperwork, a list of assets, everything. So look after it, okay.




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