Navigating Your Business Through The Competitive World Of E-commerce


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Ecommerce has become a term used a lot in business these days. It may seem flashy, but it essentially means shopping online. Companies all over the world have figured out this is the way forward if you want to operate a retail business. There are simply more benefits to online shopping compared to traditional shopping nowadays. Consumers choose e-commerce as their primary method of purchasing – the market is huge.

Consequently, if you were to start a business like this, you’ll be faced with a lot of competition. Instead of competing with local businesses, you compete with companies from all over the country. This places further emphasis on the already important idea of making your company stand out. How can you do this? Read on to see more:


Gain Control Over Deliveries

Deliveries are a very important part of e-commerce, and you need to have as much control over them as possible. If you make an effort to deliver things through your company – instead of hiring a courier service – you have a greater say in what goes on. You can decide when the deliveries go out, which might mean offering customers faster delivery times. It’s fairly easy, you just need a mode of transport and a few drivers to help you out. You could even apply online now to rent a truck that can be used to transport and deliver large items or large quantities of items. As you grow, you can have storage centres around the country with trucks delivering stock to and from the places. With more control over deliveries, it also means there’s less chance of things going missing and customers getting annoyed.


Offer A Loyalty Scheme

A really good way to make your online business stand out is by offering a loyalty scheme for customers. The more people shop with you, the greater they’re rewarded. You could have a points system in place where every purchase earns them a set of points. These points can be redeemed to get money off future orders. Alternatively, you could offer a set amount of money off after they make a certain amount of orders. Every ten orders they earn 20% off or something like that. Your business offers something that a lot of online companies don’t, it gives people an incentive to use you.


Run Regular Social Media Competitions

Competitions are a fantastic way of gaining more publicity for your e-commerce business and bringing in more customers. The best way to run them is on social media, as this will attract the most attention. I’ve seen businesses use Instagram for competitions all the time. They’ll post a picture of products you can win and will tell you to follow them, like the picture, and re-post it. This increases your follower count, spreads the word about your business, and might attract new customers. Plus, people become aware you keep running competitions, and they’re likely to be more interested in your business.

In summary; have full control over deliveries to limit problems and offer a quicker service, provide a loyalty scheme, and run regular competitions. All of this will contribute to putting your company ahead of the competition.



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