Money From Old Rope: No, Literally


And symbol formed from a new coiled rope


With the rise of the internet it’s possible to make money from literally anything.  That’s not always a good thing but if you are a particularly creative individual then hop to it, we’ve got a mini guide to making money from upcycling.

Upcycling became really popular over the last 10 years, although people have been doing it for years.  Modern homes are complimented by crazy projects made out of yesterday’s rubbish, what’s more these insane creations are helping the environment.  So if you have a vision and the ability to make coupled with a passion for sustainability and eco projects then there is a good chance you can make money from other people’s rubbish.  Although for the not so creative you could look at these ideas for making money

A great place to start is looking around your own home and working out if you have any old bits and bobs you don’t need.  Tatty photo frames, old ladders even ancient LP’s can all be fashioned into something if you have the creative juices flowing.  Although for real hidden treasures you need to get yourself down to the local tip.  There are some amazing pieces being thrown away, It’s actually shocking what some people class as old junk.  Have a rummage through potential furniture but try to think outside the box (or dumpster).  The more simple your starting project is, the better.  Time is money, after all so whilst you are working out your selling prices, consider how you value your time.

Let’s use a long length of boat rope as a good example of an upcycling discovery.

What on earth are you going to do with it? Bingo.  Spiral the rope in on itself to create a large or small solid but flat circle.  You can use a glue gun or cable ties to keep it together. You could even use a large sewing needle and thick string to sew it together, we aren’t the creative ones, that’s your job.  What have you got now? A fantastic upcycled circular mat for the bathroom or outhouse.  

Next step, get yourself a website and take photos of the different upcycle projects you have on the go.  Make your photos stand out by using beautiful modern or natural backgrounds.  Say you’ll take bespoke projects on and voila.  You are in business.

Think about how you want to take payment.  You can use Paypal if you set up an account, or cash if you are meeting buyers.  Better still you can get yourself a card reader meaning you could take your product to trade shows and, providing they have an internet link, you can accept card purchases on the go!

Ok, so we are making this whole process sound much easier than it is.  There are loads of other points you need to think about.  Marketing for one.  Networking.  Accounts.  Premises.  But we think if you start small you may end up with a hobby that pays for itself.  But if you think big? You could be running your own business and making a career out of something you really are passionate about!






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