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We all have junk in our home that we desperately need to get rid of. But hiring a skip shouldn’t be the only solution. Why not convert your clutter into cash instead? If you can free up some time, here are some of the best ways that you can make money out of your junk.


Sell online

The web is the best place to go for selling your old junk. Second hand sites such as Preloved are great for flogging old clothes, toys and items. Meanwhile, you can go elsewhere for more specialised items. There are many sites for selling old and broken gadgetry, where you can recycle your iphone. Antiques and old items meanwhile can be sold on auction sites.

Postage can cost a little bit of money when selling online, and some sites may take a percentage. If you want to get around this you may be best off joining a local buy and sell page on Facebook. These allow you to advertise items locally, which you can then give to the buyer in person. You may be limiting your target market, but you could make more money out of the item than going through a site.


Attend a flea market

Flea markets are an opportunity to sell anything in your home. You’ll see stalls containing all manner of junk, some of which you’d be surprised that you can flog. Flea markets may require the cost of renting a stall. An alternative is a car boot sale in which you sell out of your car boot (again you may have to pay for a lot). Have a look in your local area for any flea markets that may be on and ask about their pricing.


Have a yard sale

Yard sales allow you to set up a stall right outside your front door and sell to passers-by. You don’t have to travel anywhere or pay for a stall and you can set your own prices. This is best for those living in busy areas – if your house is at the end of a quiet cul de sac you may not get any passers-by. Before holding a yard sale, make sure to check local restrictions. Some local councils may forbid setting up a stall in a residential area without a license.



If you’re the creative type, you may be able to shift some of your junk by repurposing it. A glass wine bottle can be cut in half and turned into a candle holder. An old record can be transformed into a clock, or remoulded and turned into an ashtray. Some people have turned such ideas into businesses, although you should always have a lawyer handy when doing so, especially if you’re repurposing branded items and selling them. There may be trademark claims that can be made – although in most cases you would have to be running a business of a significant size for most big companies to actually care.




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