Looking for Some Extra Cash? 5 Ways to Make Quick, Hassle-Free Money


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Whether it’s for investing in savings accounts or for paying off debts, additional cash is always useful.

If you are interested in making some money, here are 5 quick ways to earn some extra cash:



Pets are considered part of the family and many people feel anxious about leaving them alone. Pet-sitting is a good way to earn some well-deserved extra cash.

Useful tips for pet-sitting:

  • Try and make friends with the pet first. Let him get used to you as some animals feel nervous with strangers
  • Ask is there are any special instructions; for example, you may have to feed the pet or give him medication
  • Be careful when you take the pet out for a walk. Dogs for example can be frisky. Choose routes where there is less traffic


House sitting

With rising incidents of burglary and thefts, people prefer to hire house-sitters when they go on vacation. Visit the house to make regular checks for open windows or unlocked doors. Also check to see that no taps are dripping or lights left on. Check to ensure that the burglar alarm system is left on. If the people have pets too, you can offer your services for house-sitting and pet-sitting at the same time.

House sitting requirements may vary from weekends to fortnights to even yearly assignments. Getting references from previous clients helps add credibility to your application.


Dropping and picking children to/from school

If you have some free time in the mornings and afternoons, consider offering your services to drop and pick children in your area from school. Most parents would appreciate the service especially on days when they are too busy to do it.


Transacting on buy/sell websites

Not everyone (especially older folks) feels comfortable transacting sales and purchases online. You can offer your expertise to help people sell off their goods and can buy goods for someone who is interested. You, of course, get to make commissions on every sale/purchase.


Renting out Camping Gear

Do you own high quality camping gear like tents/sleeping bags/cooking stoves etc? Most people do not fancy buying camping gear unless they are regular campers. You can make good money by offering everything from carabiners to canvas on rent to customers!

What other resourceful ways can you think of to make extra money?


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