Living Within Your Means: How to Change your Attitude to Money


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Your attitude to money plays a crucial part in determining if you can live within your means.

Our thoughts are very important when it comes to inviting financial success or any kind of success for that matter. The law of attraction suggests that we will attract exactly the kind of results that we want in our lives. Seen in this light, it’s very important that we retrain ourselves to develop a positive relationship with money.

You can read up on all the financial periodicals, weeklies and books but you will be unable to achieve your financial goals unless you make sure you think positively about money. Your attitude towards money will determine exactly how much money you can save and how much you spend.


How does one develop a positive relationship with money?

Here are a few important tips that will help you change your perception of money to a more positive one:

  • Think of money as a form of energy; it’s up to to you to use this energy in the best way possible.
  • It’s not a crime to want to be rich and have a lot of money; money makes our lives easier and this is a positive thing. Avoid thinking of wealth as a vice
  • Switch your roles with money; instead of having money control you, you control how you handle your money
  • Learn to say no to unwanted expenses even if you sometimes have to disappoint a loved one
  • Wait until you have the money to afford something; avoid being a person who always chooses the ‘pay later’ option
  • Disconnect your moods from spending money; for example, many people tend to shop when depressed. Separate money from your emotions
  • When you do spend, do so wisely. Look for the best deals using money off coupons or online voucher codes to save money on the ticket price.


Ask yourself the following questions to understand how you feel about money:

What would I feel about giving money away? Would I hate to part with money?

How would I react if a friend wanted to borrow money from me?

Is it more important to buy something or watch my money grow?

Asking yourself these introspective questions will reveal what you think about money. It’s important to develop healthy spending habits and a positive attitude will help you do exactly that. Think of money as a useful tool that can help improve the quality of your life.

A positive and confident attitude to money can help you live within your means and increase your savings. Have you had to change the way you think about money? What tips would you share?




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