Is it financially worthy to be a penny-pincher?


Looking after the pennies

No, you may not be a frugalist who will reuse those plastic bags and the ration toilet paper only to cut it into a number of pieces but if you could save a few pennies here and there, wouldn’t that be good for your wallet? Such pennies add up to dollars and every dollar counts, particularly when you’re treading on the path of becoming debt free and when you’re saving towards a goal. Are you someone who is planning for retirement? If answered yes, it is even more necessary for you to pinch your pennies and save as much as you can.

As long as saving more and spending less is concerned, if you’ve taken out Northcash installment loans, you have to already count a bunch of your dollars for their company. There are indeed several ways in which you can remain financially fit; while some are easily accomplished, some are pretty tough to achieve. We have compiled a list of ways in which you can lead a thrifty life.


#1: Prevent yourself from wasting food

As per the Natural Resources Defense Council, Americans usually throw off 25% of the food which they purchase to eat. This is definitely wrong at many levels but it also adds up to lot of wasted dollars. Few of the easiest ways in which you can prevent wastage of such food are by using leftovers for brown bag lunches, freezing veggies and fruits in order to make smoothies and taking off a week every month to eat everything that is left off in the refrigerator. Make sure you have a proper list before you go out for grocery shopping.


#2: Maintain a right temperature on the thermostat

There are many who keep their thermostat at 70 degrees all over the year but they have realized that if it is turned to 66 degrees during winter, it can save you up to $20 in a month on utility bills.


#3: Don’t invest too much on your cleaning products

If you have a habit of investing in lemon-scented cleaning products or fancy wipes, they’re definitely nice but at the same time, they’re expensive too. You will be able to clean anything with warm water, soap, vinegar and if needed you could even use a little bit of bleach. In case you miss the smell of lemon badly, buy a lemon candle.


#4: Reduce entertainment costs at home

Is your family a cable lover? Does your family explain to you that paid television is their only form of entertainment since they don’t go out much? Once you cut off the cord once, you will see that you won’t miss the entertainment as you will immediately find out various other ways of entertaining yourself. If you have an antenna and Netflix, this is more than just TV. Once you even threaten to cancel your cable connection, they will begin to throw in discounts.


#5: Sell stuff on eBay

Once you’re done with your spring cleaning, make sure you sell off some stuff on eBay. If you have used electronic gadgets or mobile phones or branded clothes, you can sell them off in order to earn money. You can even check out stores like Craigslist to declutter your home.

Hence, now that you know the ways in which you can do penny-pinching, what are you waiting for? If you think this is the way to go, start practicing it.




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