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It might seem like Christmas is still a long way off, but that’s never the case. By the time the year rounds the corner into fall, the festive season is bearing down on us. It will only be a matter of time before you hear carols being sung at the mall and it’s impossible to buy gift wrapping paper that isn’t imprinted with snowflakes and glitter.

Christmas is always a costly time of year, meaning that many families seek ways to reduce the burden on their budget. If you find yourself in the same position, then here are a few crucial pointers to keep in mind. These should help keep your Christmas magical, but without the need for extra gold (or Frankincense, or Myrrh).


Thrifty Season Essential #1: Don’t Make Your Own Cards

If you’re trying to be thrifty over Christmas, then one of the first things you will see mentioned is to make your own cards. That seems like a great idea… until you have to buy everything to make the cards. If you don’t already have the necessary items at home, then you’re definitely going to spend more on procuring them than you would on a cheap-and-cheerful box of cards. That’s not thrifty, so think hard before you decide to DIY.


Thrifty Season Essential #2: Go Faux On The Tree

There’s little point in buying a real Christmas tree. For one thing, as outlined by, caring for a tree can be a time-consuming activity you just don’t need in the midst of a busy festive period. Then there’s also the fact that trees tend to be one-year-only deals. Instead, choose to invest in a gorgeous faux tree that looks as good as the real thing, and which you can use year after year.


Thrifty Season Essential #3: Talk To Friends & Family About Gifts

Unless you want to spend the run up to Christmas consulting and needing to rely on borrowing to get through, then you need to have a conversation with friends and family. There’s every chance that your nearest and dearest will be fearing the financial toll of Christmas too; everyone might appreciate a year when you go out for a celebratory meal together, but leave the gifts for this year.


Thrifty Season Essential #4: Mains-Powered LED Lighting

Twinkling lights are an essential part of the Christmas season. They’re inexpensive, look good, and make even the most mundane of evenings feel a little more special. However, it’s important to be wary of battery-powered LEDs. They’re far more expensive to run throughout the festive period, thanks to the constant need to replenish batteries. As a result, wherever possible, opt for mains-powered to save a few pennies. There’s nothing wrong with a few LED trinkets that are battery-powered, but try and limit the number of decorations you choose that only run off batteries.

If you bear in mind these five essentials, then your route to a thrifty festive season is clear. Enjoy it, safe in the knowledge that you’re not going to be starting January with a pile of expensive bills to pay.



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    I totally agree with you that if you have an old material why spend more dollars to purchase a new one. Doing DIY to make festive season extra special does not have to be expensive. Let us just activate our creative minds.

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