How You Know It’s Time To Fire Your Boss


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According to the International Association of Administrative Professionals, most people leave bosses not jobs.

A bad boss may not only ruin your day but could also be keeping you up at nights and triggering stress-related symptoms. A stubborn and self-centred boss can affect your physical and mental health adversely and leave you feeling depressed and exhausted.

Lynn Taylor, author of Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant’, says that employees spent as much as 19 hours every week worrying about their bad bosses.

If you find that your boss throws more tantrums than your toddler, it could be time to fire your boss.

Still making excuses to stay? Here are 5 great reasons to fire your boss:


You are driven by nervousness and fear

Does your boss yell or shout when he needs to make a point? If you feel intimidated and threatened by your boss, it could be time to consider exploring other options.


You do not get a pat on the back for your best efforts

If you worked on a weekend to land a lucrative deal for your company and your boss doesn’t so much as mention it, it could be time to leave. Money may be an important criterion but recognition for effort is crucial for motivation.

Worse still, a lot of bad bosses are in the habit of hogging the credit for all the effort and hard work of their subordinates.


Your boss is a poor decision maker

A good boss makes sound decisions for his team. If your boss is indecisive or ambiguous in his thinking, the team may lack direction and support. Indecisive bosses lack the leadership and drive to nurture their team and are usually associated with chaotic and confused behaviour.


Your boss is fond of the blame-game

Did you have to complete a project for which you did not have enough tools or information? Does your boss blame you every time something goes wrong? This could indicate that your boss uses the blame game to cover his own shortcomings.


Your boss is uncaring and insensitive

If you’re laid up in hospital and your boss calls you only to ask you when you will hand in the reports, you could be dealing with an uncaring boss.


Dealing with a bad boss is an employee’s worst nightmare. If you find your health, happiness and productivity threatened, it could be time to fire your boss.







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