How to Write an E-Book




Good at writing? Earn money from writing E-books!

E-Books are a good way to earn passive income. The word ‘E-book’ stands for electronic book. E-books are available on a number of popular websites and you can read them with the help of what is called a ‘Kindle’ or E-reader.

E-books are extremely popular with readers and the UK E-book industry sale has risen by an impressive 20% over last year. E-books alone generate revenue of nearly 300 million GBP with a sale of about 80 million E-books annually.

Thinking of writing your first E-book and don’t know where to begin?

Here are some tips to get you started:


Choosing a Topic for your E-Book

Avoid blindly following lists of popular and ‘hot-selling’ topics that seem to enjoy a big market. Write on a subject that:

  • You have a lot of knowledge about
  • You love writing about

Your passion, enthusiasm and interest will shine through your E-book and attract readers.


Set Aside a Fixed Amount of Time for Daily Research

Researching your topic is extremely important because you want to give your readers in-depth, detailed information about the topic. Avoid general, shallow coverage of your topic. Remember, your E-book should be written with the same level of dedication as a real book.


Read other E-books to get an Idea

Reading other similar E-books helps in two ways:

1. You get an idea of what readers want to read

2. You can pick out gaps in information and choose to cover those lapses in your own book. In other words, you can learn from other people’s mistakes.


Font Styles, Images and Illustrations

If you are working with Word, choose the right font type for your E-book. Here are some useful tips regarding font type and images:

  • Avoid using arty font types because they are not legible. Simpler font types including Garamond, Times New Roman and Verdana are good choices. For titles and headlines, opt for Old Sans Black or Arial


  • Break up the monotony of text with images and pictures; use images from copyright-free sources. The best option is to invest in reputed websites that allow you to buy images


  • As far as possible, hire the services of a good illustrator or designer for your cover page


In addition to being a great source of passive income, E-books are also an environmentally friendly option compared to conventional books.