How To Sell Your Car To Make More Money






There is more than one way to skin a cat. That is a fancy way of saying there are additional ways of making money other than investing. Sure, investing is a great way to boost your income, but it’s a lengthy and dangerous process. There are far less drawn out and dangerous processes, like selling a car. If you have a car, you can sell it and make a small fortune. Then, you can use the money however you like. All you have to do is follow these tips and it’ll be off your drive in no time.


Advertise It’s For Sale

No one is going to make a bid on a car they that isn’t for sale. Or, it is very unlikely to happen. To encourage bids, you have to make sure as many people as possible know it’s up for grabs. That way, there is more chance of someone making a bid. The trick is to advertise it on the car. A few simple signs with the price and your contact details are all you need. As long as the signs are big

enough to see from the road, they should attract attention.


Be Flexible With The Price

It is important to note that you shouldn’t sell it for anything less than the right price. But, what is the right price? Most sellers are blinded by dollar signs. They see someone show interest, and they want them to pay as much as possible. Although that isn’t wrong, it is at odds with the buyer. They want to spend as little as possible, and they scare easily. You should always bargain hard, but you don’t want to put them off by being too stubborn. Set the asking price, and consider a figure you are willing to accept under said price. If they hit it, you can consider selling.


Throw In Some Extras

Buyers aren’t always the most decisive people. Because it’s such a big purchase, they will take their time. Time is a bad thing for you as it gives them the opportunity to talk themselves out of the purchase. You want them to make a quick decision, which is why you should sweeten the deal. A bit of rubber from Wiltshire Tyres or a Sat Nav from Halfords could be the difference between a deal and no deal. Add-ons don’t cost much, yet they always lure the buyer in. In short, they are a no-brainer!


Start A Bidding War

Is there more than one person showing interest? Good, because you need another person for two reasons. Firstly, they drive up the price so you get more. And secondly, they scare the other interested party. As soon as you mention another potential buyer, it causes bedlam. People think they will be beaten to the car, so they make decisions on the spot. It is a trick that always works.

Selling a car doesn’t have to be difficult. With these tips, it can be pretty easy.



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