How to Save Money on the Daily Spends


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If there is one thing we all have in common, it’s the desire to either earn more money or spend less. Whichever one you focus on, these efforts usually result in more money for you, it’s that simple.

“But it doesn’t seem that way..”

What can seem like an eternal struggle with cash doesn’t have to be just that, with a few pointers you can be well on your way to saving money on a daily basis.

Let’s take a look at some top money saving tips.


Take a flask

We all love a Starbucks coffee but addictive habit can be costly, the few pounds you spend each time can add up greatly over the weeks, months etc. For the fussier people, look at replacing them with a quality coffee machines for your home. It will also probably taste better than takeaway coffee.

The other option is simply boiling the kettle before you head out and take your coffee in a flask with you. This could save you £21 a week based on drinking one medium-sized beverage from Starbucks or Costas every week.


Use the cool-off tactic

So you’ve seen a bargain and you can’t wait to buy it! Impulse buys can be hard to resist but more often than not, they aren’t something that we need. Try giving yourself a 48 hour cooling off period, this will give you time to let the idea sink in.

Use the time to weigh up the pros, cons and think about what else you could do with the money. Making lists always helps as it will embed the situation on your mind moreso.

If you really want to start being sensible and making daily saves, go for things that you need instead of things that you want.


Use Voucher Code Sites

There are a number of voucher code sites that you can use to help with daily online shopping, trips out, eating out, grocery bills, you name it. You can find voucher codes online for literally thousands of different things.

Getting into a habit of using them will help you become more money-savvy and you may even find some cool opportunities that you otherwise may not have thought of.


Map out your financial goals

An idea without a plan does not often work, try going against the grain and map out what you want to achieve, how you are going to do it and when.

Writing out a plan will help you become responsible for your actions, giving you an overview of what needs to change. Aim as much for short term goals, which are very achievable.

If you start by writing down £50,000 that is going to be very overwhelming, instead have a weekly or monthly saving goal. If you have family members or a partner, get them on board also.







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