How to Raise a Family on a Budget



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In these days of spiralling costs, steep bills and expensive entertainment, is it even possible to think of raising kids on a budget? The answer is yes, it absolutely is!

Raising your children on a budget is not as challenging as it sounds. As a matter of fact, a budget lifestyle helps bring back core values and small pleasures; two things that have been overshadowed by excessive materialism and money.


Tips to Raise a Family on a Budget

  • First of all, you have to retrain your mind to get into the right mindset. Decide not to be affected by the advertising and consumer-centric propaganda. Buy what you want or when extra funds are lacking, what you need, not what advertisers tell you to purchase


  • Don’t buy things for the sake of buying them. If your family have enough clothes already, why spend money on more?


  • When older siblings finish using reference books and text books, keep them for younger ones.


  • Similarly, put away good quality clothes and shoes that still have life left in them for second time use.


  • Got things that are too good to throw out but that your family doesn’t need any more? Sell unwanted items and make cash from them instead of just getting rid.


  • Remember the days of make do and mend? If you notice a tear or missing buttons from an item of clothing get into the habit of fixing it before it gets worse. All it often takes is just a few minutes of your time to save you pounds in your pocket.


  • Pack a lunch box from home. Spending just a fiver a day on buying your lunch at work adds up to over a hundred pounds a month. What else could you do with that cash?


  • Invest in adaptable goods. For example, consider buying a high chair that will later convert to a booster seat, a baby cot that will convert to a bed or a bicycle with adjustable heights.


  • Walk as much as you can. If you’re just taking a short trip to the shops for a couple of bits and pieces, take a walk rather than the car. Not only will you save on fuel but you’ll improve your fitness too!


  • Make your own household cleaning products and organic pesticides. This way you save money as well as make environmentally-friendly decisions.


  • Plan your meals ahead and shop accordingly. This means you’ll buy only what you need and will reduce the amount of uneaten food you might eventually throw out when it passes its best before date unused.


Do you have any top tips for raising a family on a budget? Do share them with us in the comments below.












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