How to Plan your Strategy to Earn a Passive Income


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                  ‘If you want early retirement, live off your assets, not on them’

Passive income is an excellent way to earn a secondary income (that has the potential to become a major source of income over the years). The following steps will help you plan your strategy towards earning a passive income.


Change the Way you Think about Money

The first and most important step is to change our perception about money. Most of us tend to harbour resentment about wealthy people and the fact that they have money. You have to make a conscious effort to get rid of any guilt feelings regarding money. Your relationship with money should be positive, confident and upbeat.

Think of each pound as your employee and examine how ways to put them to work for you.


Look at What you Have to Offer

Once you decide that you are interested in earning a passive income, you have to analyse your skills, talents and assets to determine the best way of earning money. For best results, sit and write down (writing always helps put things in better perspective). Skills could include writing, baby-sitting, drawing, talking, and inclination towards personal finance or even raising children.

Focus on your interests and passions as assets that you can trade for money.


Don’t be Defeated Before you’ve even Begun

When you begin the process of investigating passive income options, you may feel that all the good ideas have been taken up already. But it’s important to remember that there is always room for more. The focus should be on quality and excellence which always stand out and attract customers and business.


Do your Research for Best Results

Once you hone in a passive income idea that appeals to you, the next step involves doing your research. Options include referring to sources online, talking to experienced friends and family. The objective is to gather useful information so that you proceed in the right way.


Most people tend to perceive passive income strategies somewhat like ‘get rich quick deals’, it is quite different. You do have to invest work/assets/time upfront but this is only in the initial stage. As a matter of fact, if you invest the right kind of effort and thought into your passive income, there is a much stronger chance that it will generate more lucrative rewards in the long run.




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