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There are many reasons you may be looking for a personal loan. Maybe it’s to consolidate your other debt into one manageable payment or to remodel your home. Whatever the reason, how can you be sure your loan gets approved? The process can be complicated and vary among lenders, but there are are few tips to secure a loan you can afford.

Check Your Credit Rating

This should be the first thing you do. To oversimplify a complicated process, the higher your credit score, the better your chance of securing a loan. Furthermore, you’ll be more likely to be given a low rate of interest.

AAA Credit Guide ( says that even borrowers with fair credit are able to acquire a loan. However, if you have bad credit, you may struggle. When you take out any loan, be sure to keep aware of how your credit score is performing and see what you can do to improve it.

Consider Your Other Assets

If you have bad credit, you still might be able to secure a loan depending on your other assets. If you have assets which are of value, these can be used to guarantee payment if you fail to pay on time. Think creatively. Your house or car could be worth more than the loan. Even digital currencies such as Bitcoin are accepted by some banks as collateral.

Use Alternative Lenders

High street banks tend to be quite safe when it comes to lending. They will focus more on a credit rating and less on softer qualities such as your character and reputation. However, there are an increasing number of online lenders who will be more willing to take a risk.

Make sure you know how to avoid online scams. If something looks too good to be true, it probably is. Look for third parties referencing your lender and see if they have any positive reviews. If you’re careful to avoid scams, you may be able to find honest lenders who are more likely to approve a loan than traditional banks.

Getting a personal loan approved can be a daunting and difficult process. Make sure you know you’re credit score and understand how it can be improved. To make your chances even greater, disclose your personal assets and present yourself as a trustworthy individual. Shop around for alternative lenders if high street banks won’t approve your loan.

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