How to Ensure Your Business is Productive




There are many factors that come together to create a productive workplace, from the training of staff to the design of your office. Increasing productivity is all about ensuring your workforce are happy in every aspect of their chosen career path.

If you feel your business could be uplifted and re-energised then here are some simple areas you can work on.


Working Space

Your working space can greatly affect your productivity, for those of you working in an office you will know that a white room filled with computers can be an unproductive place to work all day. In fact according to a survey carried out by Furniture at Work 66% of 1,000 respondents would rather work from home than in an office – but does this necessarily mean employees would be more productive? Probably not, as this ‘Office Joys video displays.


Working Hours

Being considerate of people’s time and personal circumstances is vitally important if you want a productive workplace. If you respect your staff, your staff should respect you and want to do the best they can in their role to ensure the company succeeds. One way to acknowledge their needs is by providing flexible working hours, this will ensure all jobs are complete and your staff can still live their own lives.


Interior Design

Making the most out of your office space and choosing your colour scheme wisely can have a great impact on productivity. Using light and bright colours complimented by warm tones will ensure a welcoming environment, encouraging positive energy. Furniture should be useful whilst also complimenting the décor. Providing staff with all the equipment they require to do their job also makes them feel valued and ready to go, Furniture at Work have a great selection of office resources.



Another way to increase productivity is to provide incentives to staff that hit targets. Rewards do not always have to be monetary, they can be simpler than that such as a lunch treat or voucher. Incentives are often used in sales teams when they achieve X amount of sales, but targets do not always have to involve money they may be personal targets or phone calls etc.

There are many ways to increase workplace productivity but if you have any proven tips and tricks let us know.




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