How To Earn Money From Skills That You Already Have


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Do friends envy your green thumb? Are your homemade pastries the talk of the town? Make money by turning your passion into pounds.

Making extra money does not always require you to spend more money to develop a new skill. You can make extra cash from the skills that you already have.

Here are 5 ways to make money using skills that you already have:


Are you good with hair styles and makeup?

If you have a flair for twisting hair into stylish hairdos or are skilful with a makeup brush, then you could consider offering hairstyle and makeup services. Prom and wedding hair and make-up is big business and if you already posses talent in that direction, it can turn out to be a lucrative sideline (or even mainstream business).


Blessed with a green thumb? Sell plants

There are some of us who cannot grow a plant if our life depended on it. If you have a green thumb and are good with plants, you can consider growing exotic indoor plants and selling them. You can even offer ‘plant sitting’ for those who wish to go on holiday and want their plants to be looked after.


Are you patient, kind and compassionate?

These might sound like common qualities but very few people possess them in adequate measure. If you are one of the lucky ones with an abundance of patience and warmth, you can try offering eldercare services. For example, you can offer to care for the elder while the client is at work or at a party.


Do your children love the lunches that you pack for them?

Children’s food is quite different from general catering. If your children love what you give them for lunch, you can offer children’s special lunch box services. There is a rising concern among parents regarding healthy meals for their children and homemade lunch service is likely to be preferred option.


Have a talent for dressmaking?

Home-based dressmaking services are always in demand, especially if you are good at what you do. Many people still prefer made-to-measure outfits over flabby ‘general’ sizes available in the stores. Moreover, you can take on exactly as much work as you are able to handle.

Making extra money does not always require you to spend more money to learn a new skill. You can make extra cash using the skills that you already have.



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