How to Develop a Positive Mindset for Business Success


I can do it

‘Train your mind to see the good in every situation’

In a world of uncertainty and stress, it may seem overwhelming (if not impossible) to develop a positive mindset. You may be worried about economic setbacks, lack of funding or the possibility of business failure.

While it’s human to encounter negative thoughts at times, it’s a good idea to learn how to develop a positive mindset. Here is how:


Pay attention to your thoughts

We are often at the mercy of our thoughts. When the thoughts are negatively inclined, we tend to be adversely affected by them. Change the trend and pay attention to your thoughts. Becoming aware of your thinking patterns is the first step towards changing your mindset.

Research indicates that human beings entertain at least 60,000 thoughts in a day. The number increases when we are stressed. When you learn to focus on your thoughts, you start controlling your thoughts instead of the other way round. In time, you learn to think in a positive way that works best for you.


Analyse the reason behind the negative thoughts

Although we are often unaware of it (another reason to be attentive to our thoughts), negative thoughts are often fuelled by fear, insecurity or resentment. When you start a business, there will be several situations that may appear as setbacks or challenging. Change your underlying thought to a more positive interpretation.

For example, you can consider changing ‘No lender is ever going to forward the finance for my start-up’ to ‘I must find a lender who will approve my loan application at favourable terms’.  Change the problem statement into an opportunity statement in your mind.


Associate with like-minded individuals

We are social beings and are deeply influenced by our environment and the company we keep. Negative people and naysayers will have a propensity to pull us down which is not what we want. Associating with positive, upbeat people will help you develop positive thinking as a regular habit.


Express your feelings clearly and succinctly

Repressed feelings, even in the business environment, can lead to accumulation of negativity. Communicate clearly with employees, suppliers, transporters to avoid building up of resentment and irritation. As an added bonus, clear communication leads to fewer misunderstandings and will speed up results.


In the world of business entrepreneurship, opportunities often come brilliantly disguised as problems. A positive mindset can help transform adversities into successes, so what better reason to stop those negative thoughts and start thinking positively?





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