How to Create Passive Income from Blogging


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Are you good with pets? Do your friends compliment you on your delicious cooking?

Blogging is a good way to talk about any personal interests, talents and skills. Once your blog starts to become popular, you can earn generate a steady stream of passive income.


How do you Start Blogging?

Firstly, you will need to create a blog to start blogging. You can create a blog in less than 15 minutes. The process is simple and straightforward even if you happen to be a beginner. There are a lot of online webhosting services that allow you to create a blog absolutely free of cost. But to be honest, it’s better if you use reputed web hosts. By opting to make an initial investment, you are more likely to enjoy an efficient and professional service.


How to Choose the Right Topic to Blog About

If you start blogging about the wrong topic, it could be a long time before you realise it. Here are a few tips for selecting a blog topic:

  • Avoid choosing ‘popular’ topics other people seem to be making money from. In all likelihood, the market for that subject is likely to be saturated – unless you are able to present a fresh and innovative take on it.


  • Choose a topic that you are passionate and enthusiastic about. Your interest will shine through the blog and attract readers.


How to get People to Follow your Blog

Create a platform that gives its readers excellent content. Nothing can replace quality writing. Update your blog regularly with the latest content. This will indicate that you take your blog seriously and are committed to proving a quality experience to prospective clients.


How to Generate Passive Income from Blogging

Successful blogging can generate several streams of passive income. The most prominent passive income from blogging comes from advertising. As far as possible, choose to advertise products that are related to your content. You may receive feelers from several businesses who wish to use the popularity of your blog to advertise their products. Choose products that appeal to you and that you’d recommend to users.

Avoid crowding out your content with an overdose of adverts.


The key to successful blogging lies in creating interesting, updates and information-rich content. Once you begin to build a relationship of trust with clients, your blog will begin to attract an increasing number of followers.

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