How to Create a Passive Income from Stocks


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There are several ways to generate passive income. Here’s a quick look at how to create a passive income from investing money in dividend paying stocks.


What are Stocks?

If you buy stocks, you are in effect investing in the company and are a part owner (shareholder). It follows that the higher your stock investment, the greater your stake of ownership in the company. You can invest in stocks through a stock broker.

A stock broker is authorised to buy and sell shares of stock on behalf of his clients. Nowadays, the internet has made it simpler, and you can buy or sell shares online, using the services of an online share broker.


How do Stocks help Generate Passive Income?

Shares of successful and upcoming companies tend to rise in price. Your broker will buy shares when the prices are low and will sell them when the prices rise, thus making a profit for you.

Another way to make passive income from stocks is from dividends. When companies make profits, they decide to share a portion of their profits with shareholders. This share is referred to as ‘dividend’. If you (or your broker) are experienced with investing in stocks, dividends can generate a significant amount of money through the year.

Dividends are usually not a one-time income. You may receive dividends after every quarter, six months or on a yearly basis.


How do you Increase Passive Income from Stocks?

There are two ways to consolidate passive income from stocks:

  • Take your time choosing a good broker. If you possess personal knowledge of shares and stock, then you can work with your broker. You can suggest the shares that you want to buy and those that you want to sell.
  • Timing is very important; read up financial periodicals and newspapers in your spare time to get a better idea of how stock investing works


What is the Investment required for Generating Passive Income from Stocks?

Fortunately you can begin investing with as little as 100£. Stock investing does not require huge amounts of capital. You might have to pay a commission or brokerage fee but again, this is a nominal amount.

Tips for Increasing Passive Income from Stocks

  • Try and diversify your investment; this is more likely to yield higher returns
  • Invest with a view to long-term benefits; avoid short-term speculative trading


Give yourself some times to learn the ropes and keep your expectations realistic while trading in stocks. What tips would you share with someone interested in learning about generating an income from stocks?




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