How to Create a Calm and Comfortable Living Space for Less


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High on most people’s agenda when planning and designing their living space is how they want to feel when using it. The busy daily lives we lead can often make us crave home comforts and a calm and relaxing atmosphere. What style you choose for this largely depends on your taste and what makes you tick. For example, some us prefer a minimalist approach, clean, bright and uncomplicated. While others prefer deep colours that encase and comfort us, with texture and accessories that make us feel at home.

The key is to work out what makes you feel relaxed and content, do you enjoy your ‘things’ around you? or do you prefer to tidy up and not have distractions? Whatever your preference, creating a calm and comfortable living space need not cost over the odds. Here are a few ways to achieve this goal without paying more than you need to.

The leading element to a comfortable home life these days tends to be centred around technology, whether its music, television, or a personal assistant. We are quickly becoming a nation that relies on entertainment and gadgets to make our time at home easy and enjoyable, perhaps begin to assess what you find important. It’s a fact that most of us are watching our box-sets on a television which is either dated and on the verge of being incompatible or the wrong size for the room. If you prioritise television for a little unwinding and a bit of me-time, why not invest in a new screen with the luxury of 4K viewing?

When you’ve sorted your must-have tech, make sure you’ve got your dream seating, layout is of great importance too! If it’s a television room, make sure your seating is super comfy and at the right height and distance from the screen. It’s a great idea to wall-mount your television to free up space and create a modern look, but not if you have to look above your natural sight line. If it’s a room that you use for relaxing or entertaining, place furniture in a more symmetrical manner so it will feel social and organised.

Lighting can also play a key role in creating calm and comfortable living space, having the correct type of lighting makes all the difference and has the power to set the mood. Use layered lighting in any scheme, this will ensure your room is functional and suitable for multi-use. Candles, lamps, wall-lights, spots and pendants all have their uses and fit a dimmer switch to create ambience and set the tone.






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