How To Be Top Of The Class At College And Loaded At The Same Time




You might think that being the top of your class and loaded at college is impossible. It’s either got to be one or the other, right?

Well, it turns out that there are ways of making money at college while avoiding flunking your exams. It just requires a lot of effort and time-management skills. When you think about it, the average college course doesn’t really demand 40 hours a week of your time (unless you’re a medical student, of course). If you’re an arts student, you probably have less than six hours of contact time per week, leaving the rest of the week and weekends free to hustle. Let’s suppose that you are a diligent student that spends four hours preparing for each of your six contact hours. That means you’ll only be working 30 hours a week at college max.

If you have got the stomach for it, that leaves around 30 hours of spare time a week for you to make money without encroaching on study time. You’ll have to work hard, but you’ll be glad you did it. Paying all those student bills and racking up mountains of debt isn’t fun.

Here are some ideas to make money while you’re at college without flunking your degree.

Test Websites

One of the most efficient ways to make money as a student is to test sites. Companies are constantly looking for people to use their sites and try to find bugs so that they can improve their customer experience. You can get paid a decent amount for testing websites, and it’s not uncommon to bring home more than $300 a week from this kind of activity.


Start Entering Data

If you happen to have a high boredom threshold, then you can also apply for data entry work. Professors and university researchers often collect primary data that needs to be entered into tables. Instead of doing it themselves, they often pay students to do it for them. Put your name forward for this kind of work, and you could find yourself making a lot of easy money. Universities often pay students inflated wages, meaning you could earn as much as $20 an hour just entering data. Of course, you’ll have to make sure that your data entries are accurate. But if you spent 20 hours a week doing this, you could pretty much cover your tuition and living costs.


List Your Hobbies Online

Some websites, like Fiverr, allow you to list your skills and sell them to other people. You can do all sorts of things such as designing the front of magazines and brochures, write articles and even be an editor for researchers and other publications.


Sell Your Old Electronics

You won’t make an enormous amount of money from doing this, but selling your electronics might be an excellent way to claw a bit of money back from when you splurged on your new Macbook. Plus, selling old electronics is better for the environment than just throwing them in the landfill and forgetting about them.



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