How Negative Thinking Can Impact Your Business and How to Overcome It


Bad news


‘You live with your thoughts so be careful what they are’ – Eva Arrington

We are conditioned as human beings to be more inclined towards negative thinking compared to positive thoughts. The trend has a genetic origin and can be traced back to our ancestors who had to fight for their survival and food. While a minimum amount of negative thinking helps prevent and plan for setbacks and failure, it should not become a habit.

How does negative thinking impact your business?


Our thoughts have the power to attract matching circumstances in our lives

There are several invisible but potent universal forces operating in our lives. Just like we are aware that electricity, magnetism and gravity are all tangible forces (although they are invisible), our thoughts are a ‘something’ and not a ‘nothing’. They have their own energy and if they are negative, they attract negative events into our business.

For example, constantly obsessing about disasters, failures and setbacks will cause these very events to unfold in your business.


Negative thinking will hold you back from innovation and risk taking

Successful entrepreneurs are those who are ready to take risks. Negative thinking will prevent you from trying out new ideas and innovations as your mind is more inclined towards failure. Positive thinking propels you to take risks and implement new strategy. Negative thinking holds you back from the success that is waiting for you.

If you read the biographies of successful entrepreneurs, you will find that all of them share one common plus point; they are all positive thinkers.


Negative thinking can prevent you from becoming rich

Our mental outlook towards money has an unseen but profoundly deep impact on how rich we become. If you read Napoleon Hill’s bestseller ‘Think and Grow Rich’, he points out that the mental attitude of rich people is very different towards money.

If you harbour negative thoughts about money, thinking that it’s shameful or wrong to possess money, you may never become successful. Your negative attitude will repel money and success away from your business.

Our fears and insecurities regarding money come from a deeper place inside us. We are mentally conditioned by our childhoods, parents and peers. In order to attract success, you must be able to invite it with open arms.


Constant negative thinking can not only ruin your mood and health but can also hold you back from professional and business success. If you find yourself falling into the trap of thinking negatively, it’s time to change and learn how to get into a positive mindset instead.



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