Home Revamps That Won’t Cost You a Fortune


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When you’re tired of staring at the same dull walls, you’re in for two options; fix it or move somewhere else. The only problem is that both options tend to cost money, take time, and fail to satisfy your need for change right away – we want a luxurious-looking home, and we want it now.

Although it’s frustratingly difficult to have it our way, it’s actually possible to get that fancy look you’ve been craving without investing half a fortune in it.

Here are a few of the best advice from homeowners who have managed to cope with their mix of being broke while still feeling rich, so that you can bask in luxury as well – without spending more than you have.


Install dimmers in the bathroom

If you don’t already have dimmers, you should get in touch with an electrician and make arrangements for it right away – it’s not the kind of responsibility one should assume without being a professional electrician.

The light can do a lot to make your home look more luxurious, giving you the option of bathing it in a soothing orange-hue or waking you up in the morning by casting a brighter look. Go ahead and install dimmers all over your home, by the way, you’ll benefit from it in the living room as well when you’re looking to impress your parents-in-law.


Change to stainless steel

Besides from being less than appealing to look, dated appliances tend to be anything but energy efficient as well. A lot of fancy homes are built to cost you less in terms of energy usage, such as these rental apartments, and if your home is dated you need to find other ways to save on electricity. It has a lot to say for your finances, at the end of the month.

Treat yourself to a few new kitchen gadgets in stainless steel, and you’ve already done a lot to spruce up your home, giving the heart of your home a whole new look and making so much more pleasant to cook.

Plus, you get to run around and wipe fingerprints off your appliances with an important look on your face, secretly feeling smug about what you own.


Give the walls a fresh look

The best way to revamp your home on a budget is actually just to paint it. Boring as it might seem, it really does make an enormous difference, and you can DIY to save even more money. If you’re sitting with a rental and can’t be bothered to paint someone else’s apartment, you may want to consider removable wallpapers, for example. It’s very easy to install and when you’re ready to move, simply peel it off and get going.

Give your home a nice deep-scrub before embarking on the steps above, and you’ll fall back in love with it right away. It doesn’t have to cost much to live in luxury when you know how it’s done – and if everything else fails, you can always find something nicer.

To go a little bit further, you can introduce unique wall panelling to any of your rooms to an instant uplift. Wall Panels World have tons of different options including 3D, traditional and modern slat panels.



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