Have You Been Ripped Off? Here’s How To Get Your Money Back






No one minds paying for something that’s above satisfactory, the item they requested or when they’ve received excellent customer service but what happens when we don’t? We’ve collected below some of the most common examples where you’ll experience poor customer service, and what to do to stand the best chances of getting your hard earned money back in your wallet!


Claiming A Store Refund

Most stores or shops are quite reasonable about refund requests and operate generous returns policies. If you decide the item is no longer appropriate, have changed your mind or it doesn’t fit then all you need to do is return it to where you purchased it from within twenty-eight days. Repackage the item in its original box, or bag and take it with the original receipt and tags to the customer service desk. Depending on how you purchased the item, cash or card, you’ll be given the option of a full refund, an exchange or store credit. If you are unable to produce the receipt then often you’ll only be offered store credit. Shopping online is a little bit different, due to distance selling regulations, and refunds tend to take a bit longer to be processed although if you have ordered online, many stores are happy for you to obtain refunds by going into their closest physical branch.


Fighting Against Parking Fines

There are numerous forums, message boards and even chat rooms on the internet about how to avoid, challenge or pay parking fines. Firstly, you need to know who’s in the right and who’s in the wrong. If you’ve been sent a letter by your local council insisting you’ve parked illegally, overstayed in a car park or ignored ‘clamping’ signs then it could be your fault. Whatever you do don’t admit liability until you’re absolutely sure as even an ‘I’m sorry’ to a parking warden implies guilt. If you believe that you parked correctly and there were no signs in the vicinity or the ticket machine is faulty go check it out. Return, on foot, if possible to the car park you used and make notes of where signs, meters and even bays are located. If it’s actually a private or company run car park, it will say so, then avoid taking photographs as it is private property. Most parking fines are reduced if you pay them within sixty days, so be aware that if you do take the company to small claims, or county court and you lose you’ll have to pay the original fine, with no discount, plus any legal fees accumulated.


Appealing Tax Demands

There’s an old saying that goes ‘there are only two things certain in life, and that’s death and taxes.’ However, what happens when your tax bill comes in and it doesn’t match the figure that you usually pay? Local authorities and tax offices do make mistakes in fact human error is quite common in admin or HR departments. So don’t take it as read that you should pay that amount. Phone up your local branch and query the payment, it might be that your recent promotion has moved you into the next tax band or your property has been revalued, which if it has, you should have received a letter. If the tax demand is incorrect, ask for an apology in writing and an amended bill to be sent to your address plus a tax deduction for the inconvenience. It’s common knowledge that offices will tend to pass you from pillar to post, no one likes a really annoying customer but don’t give up as persistence could end up saving you a pretty penny!


Poor Financial Planners

Sometimes we find ourselves in financial difficulties through no fault of our own, due to

Financial advisor negligence and that can be a bitter pill to swallow. We believe we’ve done everything right, double checked the forms and researched our brokers, lenders or solicitor and it turns out something’s amiss. When it comes to appointing someone to take of legalities, check out their qualifications and experience first as well as seeing if their registered with an industry accredited body. Not everyone is, and that’s ok, but if you’re looking to do things by the book then it’s best to be over cautious. If you find that you’ve been caught out by bad financial advice, unprofessional behavior and even negligent filing such as forgetting to return important papers or ignoring correspondence then there’s a way you can get money back. If you feel like you’ve got a strong enough case then it may well be worth hiring a firm who’ll see what losses can be recouped.







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