Hate Gardening in the Winter Months? We’ve Got You Covered!


It is easy to neglect your garden as the coldness fills the air and the darker nights draw in, leaving you with the potentially daunting yearly cycle of getting your garden summer ready. This is where you are going wrong and where Grass Warehouse is here to help. Have you ever thought about how much of a difference artificial grass will make in these months? There is very little maintenance, even more so in the warmer months as you won’t have to spend half of your time mowing the lawn. As long as you give it a good sweep or rinse every once in a while, you are set. Sounds good doesn’t it; it will give you much more time to relax in the garden and soak up the sun.


Uplift your garden

More often than not, there are drought spells in the summer which leaves you will brown, slowly dying grass. On the other hand, in the winter, you tend to abandon your gardening so you are left with overgrown grass which is beyond repair with a lawn mower. The bonus of artificial grass is that it maintains the fresh green colour all year round (as long as you wash away the dirt of course!). Come rain or shine, you know that as soon as you open your curtains, your garden will look always look in good shape.



As soon as the sun starts to come out in spring, more people spend time in their gardens, getting it ready for the year ahead. But, with artificial grass, you will always be ready to have friends and family round for barbeques etc. Especially as you get into summer, the swimming pools come out to take advantage of the short spells of glorious sunny days. If you have left a swimming pool out for more than a couple of days (I am sure most of us do), you will notice that you are left with limp yellow grass which has seen better days. If you have artificial grass though, it won’t matter how long you have left something out for, it won’t affect the grass underneath!



As soon as it rains, you can’t escape it, especially with pets or little children. Letting your dog out in the morning and getting muddy interior floors as a result. It is the bane of many people’s lives as the mop bucket is constantly at the ready. But guess what, with artificial grass, it doesn’t matter how much it rains; your floors will escape the dirty brown paw prints / footprints making your days that little bit easier.

Of course artificial grass isn’t without its disadvantages but it is definitely something to consider. Maybe you loathe cutting grass but cannot justify the initial cost of installing it. Once more, if flowers aren’t for you, artificial grass can remove natural habitats for wildlife. It is important to way up all of the pros and cons but isn’t the thought of waking up all year round to a perfect lawn such a lovely feeling?






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