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Investing when you’re a beginner is a scary ordeal. You don’t really know what you’re doing, and it might seem like you don’t even know where to start. But investing is so rewarding, and if you’ve got plans to get into the game, we’ve got some tips to help you get started. There’s so much money to be made from so many different areas, all you have to do is take your time, invest at the right time, and don’t borrow money hoping it’ll pay off. You should only invest if you’ve got spare money of your own that you don’t mind losing. Whatever you do, don’t go into investing assuming you’re always going to come out winning, it doesn’t always work like that. To get you started however, here’s our big tips.


Choose Your Niche Wisely

This is a big one for a lot of people. You might already know exactly what are you would like to invest in. Two of the biggest are property, and business. They’re both exciting areas to get into, but unless you have a business mind, one is definitely easier than the other. But both of them carry risks, just like all the other investment ideas. For example, there was a recent craze for the bitcoin investment. But in the last 48 hours the bitcoin value plunged, leaving people who had made millions with next to nothing. There doesn’t seem like there’s a high chance of it rising much either, so a lot of people have wasted a lot of money. Just be careful and make sure you’re going into something trusted. And most of all, make sure you have a true interest in what you’re going to invest in.


Get Help

You’re not really going to get anywhere without a little help. It’s like going into a new job and being expected to sit down and start working straight away, it just doesn’t happen. But luckily for you there’s so many things out there that can help get you going. For example, the stash app is a great little tool for all new investors. It helps you create a portfolio and makes investment suggestions for you. Sometimes it is handy to have something on your phone and available whenever you need it. There are also plenty of online advisors and articles you can read with regards to your chosen niche. You want to be totally sure of what you’re getting into, and you want to have a complete understanding of the market. It is advisable you speak to them before making any decisions


Spend Wisely

It is easy to pump a lot more money than you actually have into investing in the hope that you’re going to get something back. Spend wisely, and plan your money wisely. Just like you would in daily life, you need to make sure you have something to fall back on if things start going wrong. Make sure you’re entering the market at the right time as well. You could have the money, but if you don’t watch the market right, it’s all going to be a waste of time.




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