Five Ways You Can Turn Your Analytical Skills into Money



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If you are good at spotting trends and finding connections between events, you might be wasted in your current career. You can make a change, earn more money, and get more free time to spend with your family. There are certain careers that are suitable for people with extraordinary analytical capabilities, and they are both interesting and rewarding. Find out more about them below.


Start Day Trading

If you are good at numbers and trends, as well as computer systems, you can switch from a boring computer software maintenance job to a day trader career, working with investments. You can start small and improve your portfolio as you get more competent at trading. Check out for guidance and training, and start small to see if you like the process and understand the systems required for forex trading. You will have to invest in your training and development, but over time this job can be lucrative.


Get a Job in Scientific Research

Researching different methods of making people’s lives better is a good personal mission, and pays well at the same time. You can get a science degree and use your computer or analytical skills to support scientific engineers to develop new medicines, medical devices, or green energy resources. No matter which course you choose, your analytical skills will help you embark on a career in scientific research.


Engage in Customer Research

You can also work with consumer research companies to find out more about people’s preferences, values, and behaviors for companies that are interested in the data. You might start as an interviewer, or a data scientist, and later develop to take on the role of a consumer analyst at large companies, such as Nielsen and McKinsey. You will enjoy finding out about new consumer trends first, and earn a good salary.


Start a Marketing Consultancy

If you love working with people you can put your analytical skills into good use by starting a marketing consultancy. Success starts with asking the right questions and finding out more about your customers’ needs. To be a good marketing consultant, you will have to analyse the market’s behavior, demand, and competition, to come up with an effective way of promoting your customer’s brand.


Become a Private Detective

Up to the challenge to get justice for people who are left in the dark? Some people want to find people who owe them money, others are searching for long lost loved ones. You can also become a corporate detective or a legal detective for a law firm to provide them with intelligence on certain businesses or persons. This job is certainly rewarding and you will never get bored with it.

If your analytical brain is your strongest, you should find a challenging and rewarding career that puts your skills in the best use. Find a job that you enjoy doing every day, and something that you are naturally good at. Let it be dealing currencies or investigating corporate fraud, you can get a job that suits your abilities and interest.




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