Finance And Family; 3 Things Your Kids Need To Know


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Knowing how to manage your money is a very valuable skill, it’s one of the most important things to be able to do when you’re an adult, it determines how you live your life, whether you’re in loads of debt or not, what possessions you have, what kind of house you have, everything! So there are a 3 things you should teach your kids to do when they start earning in the big wide world to help them avoid disaster


How To Save Properly

Saving money, whilst it sounds quite simple, can actually be incredibly hard. Not everyone has the willpower to just leave money in their main bank account! It can be quite tempting to spend this money, so you have to teach them not to! Introduce your teenagers or young adults to saving accounts, provided by the likes of Bank of America, which take out a certain amount of your pay packet every month and neatly slots it into your savings account. If your kids know about this and use it, they’ll be less tempted to spend the money they’ve saved up because they can’t see it in their main account! This can also be useful for us adults too, who aren’t very good at saving!


Credit Score And What It Means

Credit scores are very common nowadays, in a nutshell a credit score is your rating with paying back loans, credit cards and overdraws to name a few examples. Credit scores often dictate whether or not people are able to take out a loan or not, some companies will refuse to give you a loan if your score is not good enough so it’s important to make sure that you teach your kids the importance of this! When they get a bit older and they need some help with their credit score, point them in the direction of the best credit repair companies to give them the helping hand that they might need if they run into financial trouble! Fixing credit scores isn’t as simple as helping your kids with money, so it’s important that they know where to get help from with these things if they need it.


What Loans Are, And When To Use Them

Loans can be very attractive when you first see them, however if you take one out that is too much for you to handle, you could find yourself owing the banks more than you had planned! Knowing how long the payback time is, what interest rates you want and how much money you want are all difficult things to know, so it’s good that you can use companies like cashnetusa to recommend you a loan, or to create a custom loan for you.

So there you have it, 3 quick things you can teach your children, regardless of their age (though it does help if they are growing up!) to hopefully keep them out of financial troubles when they’re older! But if you’re looking to educate your kids on other things and are struggling for some ideas, read this article for some fantastic inspiration.




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